Water Balloons and Fireworks

My family and I go by the lake behind my house to launch the fireworks — but only after a very short balloon fight erupts thanks to mom. Dad is still complaining about losing when I light up the first one, a bright green column. Spark after spark, it turns into a grand finale of bright blue fire lighting up the lake and its fountains. It’s magical.

Fireworks Day

I’m back home on time for Fireworks Day, and I want to throw another party at home! Because even though I didn’t spend long in Selvadorada, without Gram here I want to celebrate with as much family as possible. And, because while I was away, we also lost mom’s sister Miranda, and I want to be there for Nolan, her son, as much as I can. 

If anything, seeing Mom’s face at the terrible selvadoradan gift I brought her from Selvadorada put a smile on his face. And today is day 7 of summer, and the sun is shining high, bright and warm. The perfect day for a barbecue and a dance party. And just you wait, the fireworks are over there on the floor, waiting…

Jungle Curanto

Before I live the jungle and Selvadorada, I cook one last big meal, including with some of the plants I gathered in the jungle. My goal is to share it with some of the wonderful people at the inn (who taught me to cook the curanto in the first place), so I pack it up in neat little packages, as that many goodbye gifts.

Snoring in the Temple

Even though I start exploring the temple at dawn, there’s so much to do and see that before I realize it, it’s nighttime again, and I’ve only gone past one gate. So I set up camp right there, after a quick shower out of a bottle. It’s always a little spooky, but nothing I can’t handle.

The Temple of Plants

That’s a temple like I’ve never seen before. Every single room looks buried under its own jungle, and it has growing crops still in planters from centuries ago.

And of course, as any good temple, its share of deadly traps.